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Crowdfunding PRO and CONTRA Conference provides a unique opportunity for non-profits, entrepreneurial and creative community to learn about the options to raise money for their projects.

Our Difference

Our speakers are chosen based on their expertise and diversity of the opinions about crowdfunding and its future in private investments eco-system. You will see neither boring panels consisting of people who are agree on everything nor sales speeches. You will witness intense debate between the opponents and advocates of crowd investing. The attendees will hear from private investors, lawyers and entrepreneurs sharing their experiences and evaluating the potential of involving general public in private investments. The information will help you make educated decisions about the benefits and drawbacks of different fundraising options.
We invite you to participate in honest discussion, to ask questions and to make new connections.


May 3d, 2013
Crowdfunding PRO and CONTRA Conference is brought to you by Crowdfund Productions, LLC. and Innovation Pavilion.

Crowdfund Productions is the organizer of investment and crowdfunding conferences in the USA. Besides Denver, 2013 conferences will be held in Berkeley, CA, Boston, MA, Miami, FL, Seattle, WA and Chicago, IL.

On January 6th – 7th, 2014 Crowdfund Productions will be hosting Global Aspen Investment Forum in Aspen, CO. One and half day long program includes six panel discussions, keynotes and a cocktail reception. It also allows the participants enjoy their time on slopes. Aspen in the first week of a new year IS the place to be!

Crowdfund Productions also hosts educational webinars and provides crowdfunding consulting services. We assist our clients in strategic planning, crowd building and engagement, PR, marketing, monitoring and full campaign management. The main difference between those who succeed and those who fail in crowdfunding is preparation. We can help you get funded – Contact now to discuss your options!

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Innovation Pavilion, an eco-system for entrepreneurs
Innovation Pavilion is an 80K sq.ft. incubator in Denver South that offers space to accommodate startups of any size and stage.
Innovation Pavilion is connecting VCs and startups on a weekly basis. We also have an extensive network of mentors that participate in our EIR (executive in residence) program. Participation in our eco-system is targeted to entrepreneurs, startups, executives-in-transition and high growth companies. Free to anyone interested in being active in a collaborative environment.

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Innovation pavilion, eco-system for entrepreneurs

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