8-30am – 9-00am Registration

Morning Session

9-00am – 9-25am Keynote: “Crowdfunding Developments” Jed Cohen, Founder and COO at RocketHub

9-30am – 10-20am First Panel: “Rewards Based Crowdfunding”

  • Jed Cohen, Founder and COO at RocketHub, New York, NY
  • Jonathan Beninson, Founder at First Funder, Denver, CO
  • Jason T. Graf, Founder at CrowdIt, Springfield, MO

10-30am – 11-20am Second Panel: “Crowdfunding Success Stories”

  • Will White, Caveman Caffeteria, Denver, CO
  • Dwight Houser, Gekko Stand, Denver, CO
  • Robert Scott, The TapIt Cap, Denver, CO
  • Kerwin Lumpkins, Fritz, A Robotic Puppet, Denver, CO
  • Marty Koenig, Founder and CEO of CxO to Go, Author, Denver, CO

11-30am – 12-00pm Presentation “No-Failure Story” Gannon Merrell, Co-Founder at Oogave Natural Soda (read their story on

12-00pm – 1-30pm Break


Afternoon Session

1-30pm -2-00pm Keynote: “ Business Financing through CrowdfundingMonisha Merchant, Senior Advisor for Business Affairs at US Senate

2-10pm – 3-00pm Third Panel: “Business of Crowdfunding” (Legal, CPA, Marketing, Technology)

  • Justin Maddox, Founder and CEO at CrowdTrust, Washington, DC
  • Jeffrey Henderson, VP Sales and Marketing at, Los-Angeles, CA
  • Shane Fleenor, Chief Legal Officer at Grofolio, Inc,  member of CFIRA, Boulder, CO
  • James Dowd, Managing Director at North Capital, INC., San Francisco, CA

3-05pm – 3-30pm Presentation: Legal Framework for Business Financing in the US”  Brian Korn at Pepper Hamilton LLP, New York,NY

3-40pm – 4-30pm Debate: “Equity Crowdfunding – Fools Money or Financial Revolution?”

  • Nicholas Thomas, Founder and President at Fincity, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Dave Milliken, Founder and CEO at Grofolio, Inc., Boulder, CO
  • Benjamin Hadley, Managing Director and President, Latin America at Clicksco, Vail, CO
  • James Dowd, Managing Director at North Capital, INC., San Francisco, CA
  • Brian Korn at Pepper Hamilton LLP, New York, NY
  • Bill Decker at Partners International, Inc., Denver, CO
via video conference:
  • Paul Niederer, CEO at Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB), Sydney, Australia
  • Jouko Ahvenainen, Founder & Chairman at GrowVC, London, UK
  • Korstiaan Zandvliet, Managing Director at Symbid, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Moderator: Richard B. Levin at BakerHostetler

CALL FOR SPEAKERS for “Anti-Crowdfunding” TEAM!

4-40pm – 5-30pm Fourth Panel: “Alternatives to Equity Crowdfunding”

  • Rob Carpenter, Founder and CEO at AppItVentures, Denver, CO
  • Jed Cohen, Founder and COO at RocketHub, New York, CO
  • Scott Jordan, Owner at All Credit Lending Solutions, Denver, CO
  • Scott McIntyre, Manager of Business Incubation at University of Toledo Research & Innovation
  • Jesse Golland, Regional Officer at Accion, Denver, CO

5-35pm – 6-00pm Keynote: “Making Investment Eco System Work for Progress and Innovation” Vic Ahmed, Founder at Innovation Pavilion, Chairman at Colorado Association of Manufacturing and Technology, Chairman at TiE Rockies

6-30pm – 8-00pm Cocktail Party

The Program is subject to change so make sure to visit us later.


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